Thursday, June 12, 2014

Happy Independence day Philippines (2014)



Been a while. The longest while I have been away since I have started this blog. I am so very sorry.

I have lots of excuses really, from being so frantic busy ever since February, up to being such a lazy bug rolling around nonchalantly anywhere -- everywhere.

I have started joining some events, such as Art Fiesta or Art Mart --- sadly though, I wasn't able to join Art in the Park, since I have been busy with Client works and some commissions that was due to that date as well. It was a heart break not being able to join or even attend, since I have seen lots of amazing snapshots of awesome artworks made by local artists.

So far, 2014 had been one busy year for me, and quite challenging. Sometimes, I had to snap myself back to focus, and sometimes reflect on my goals, constantly updating those.

Let me quit babbling now, let me just share some images I had taken over the course of 4 months that I have been away. If you have any questions, feel free to ask.

P.S. These will be random images. and the purpose of this blogpost, is just to really kickstart it again so I can actively write here again. (if I have time --- that was weak).

Jam is the owner of this artwork now.

My piece on Manimalaman Zine

Limited Edition Postcard

a trip to National Museum

Cute frames

Sessions Illustrated Art trip to Baguio

Sab and her favorite art piece

Snags from Alabama10a Event

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Before and After

I decided to organize my deviantfolder when I saw this old painting I did years ago.

For fun, I decided to do a speedy rework on one of it, and here's the result.

It was fun. Maybe if I need to relax, or I'm stuck and in need to refresh my creative flow, I might do one of these again.

I'm challenging you guys to do this. It'd be fun to know the improvement on your knowledge or ability or skills.

And if possible, tag me, post your links here, so I can see yours too. ^^
Friday, January 31, 2014

January and ACEOs

I have started digital painting again, as you can see from my previous post. But this time, I tried to challenge myself with a female conceptual, which I enjoyed greatly!!!

I have finished it, lasted me for a while because I have been at it - on and off - especially since I took an obligatory vacation (which I enjoyed greatly btw).

Let me introduce you to her. Her name is Arache, a part of a circus troupe. She uses her skills with threads to perform tricks, make her own clothes and the rest of the troupes. But someone reckons that she uses those threads sometimes for some wicked reason. What do you guys think?

Arache - you can see the full art in my deviant (which I shall shamelessly plug that if you want a print, she's available in deviantart as well...^^ )

I have been to Lingayen, my mom's hometown, and it has been lovely. I've had wonderful chats (syempre may kasamang chismisan) with relatives and lots of tight hugs. Despite the unfamiliar cold, in which I both loved and hated because I can wear sweaters and scarfs, but was too cold that I had the sniffles (and even hugs our dog so she can sleep because she was shivering during the night).

I love this app on android that can just make your skin perfect. Yes, my vain self can't resist not using it, so don't be fooled. I am not skin model material.
// taken on Burnham Park, Baguio.

During that vacation, I'ved also made a few ACEOs (or Artist Trading Cards) to add to the Butterfly series. Let me share those.

Some have been asking if I'll be selling this, and if so, where would I sell it.

Well, I do intend to sell this series. As to where, I am still debating and researching where (Probably Etsy or Ebay?). If you have any idea where I can best sell this, please do tell me so. Leave a comment or email me (email and other possible ways of contacts are listed on the sidebar).  I would greatly much appreciate it.


Wow, I have a habit of making long blog post. I should try to make it a habit of frequently posting so that I won't have to make this TL:DR -- sorry folks.

inbehalf of my closest artist friends:

credit to Glenda Maye Abad for this cute and fat and assumingly prosperous horse.

Anyway, tomorrow is February! How was your first month of 2014 went? What else have you been guys up to? Have you made any recent artworks?

Friday, January 3, 2014

Swords and Fire

If you asked me, I prefer to draw pretty girls and ladies, sometimes a comic and funny little things, weird things, dark things... But I have never attempted to seriously draw men and warriors except for doodles, portraits and work purposes.

So I challenged myself last December, and it was the hardest to pull out any inspiration. After 3 days of practically being unproductive and staring into my computer, a sudden inspiration came to me. Being a fan of Benedict, and amidst all the Hobbit movie on the cinemas and the mini episode of Sherlock, I finally decided -- whatever -- I will put two things I like and combine it with my challenge.

Hence, the attempt of mixing Benedict + Dragon Fire + some sort of warrior ----

There's something about it that I am never quite satisfied, but anyway, I am calling this one finished~ I am going to update a hi-res version on my deviantart for prints purposes. ^^


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