Monday, December 30, 2013

Goodbye 2013, Hello 2014!!!

It's both such a sad and happy moment when a year ends and starts.

For some of us, it really doesn't matter, a year just means a form of measurement.

But for some, a year end and a new year both means reflection and anticipation.

Looking back to my own 2013, financially it wasn't as much as fruitful, but with regards to growth and experience, it was a blast. I have met a lot of new people and I am thankful for meeting some of those. And it felt like it wasn't just a year, but I have been a part of a sisterhood and an organization. I have taken part in art exhibits, things I've never done before, and have successfully established a sketchgroup with friends.

I have rekindled some alliance and friendships, and sadly burned bridges with individuals I chose to no longer associate myself with. I learned some lessons, been burned, and still treading strong.

But most of all, I have learned the value of some things taken for granted and earn some wisdom I can be proud of passing.

Hopefully, this new year will bring me lots of fortune and love.

How was your 2013?


Let's have a merry celebration~!♥

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Life is soooo changeable.

Hi there~!

It has been a while. I am so sorry that I haven't updated as often as I should have. There has been so many changes in schedule that it got me all confused, leaving me in resignation that this is December, when everyone around is particularly feeling festive, hence, more focus on shopping, activities, parties, and family reunions.


Our major exhibit has been cancelled, which I was quite thankful for. Our "Pride is Love" exhibit that has been rescheduled has been ultimately cancelled, due to everyone focusing their energy to helping the Yolanda victims.

Partly, I was a bit sad since I have been looking forward to it, but wholly I was glad, because frankly, at those times, I couldn't concentrate on anything. I am more worried on how to extend help, and also worried for a friend that has also suffered the storm (though luckily, I have already hugged her just 2 days ago).

I would like to extend my thanks in this blog, to all my friends from Japan/Singapore/Bulgaria - specifically to the fans of 이준기 whom I have known for a while for donating to the Philippines.

I have also seen a lot of effort from a particular set of fans who call themselves Cumbercollectives (Benedict Cumberbatch fans) in accumulating donations (seen their efforts thru tumblrs and twitters) for the Yolanda Victims.

I have also seen efforts from other celebrities, and online personalities campaigning and helping.

Thank you.


Anyway, I have succesfully finished a painting that I lent for a one day Prayer Exhibit, and I am excited to say, this one has been sold and found a new owner~Q.

Wishful Dream
acrylic on canvass 20x20

 Cradle her with love and care Q.

Moving on to our INK exhibit titled : FORNEVER FRIENDS, it is still up in the Chocolate Kiss Cafe. Anyone who has the opportunity to drop by, please do so~♥

Here are few snippets of the artworks that I love, shamelessly and proudly including mine.

Here is my piece while on the work in progress stage.
 Titled PLAY DEAD (watercolor/graphite/colored pencil)

Also, I have started making some ACEO's for sale. This will be a collection, of what--- I will let you know if I finish it.

Thanks btw for all of the reblogs and the comments from before. Any hellos from the comment box will also be a good encouragement (it means there are people actually reading these posts --- though I know, that they are -- often times I find comments on my facebook... but saying hi here is also loved).

2014 is already so close.

How was your 2013?


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