Saturday, November 16, 2013

Pencil Art

Forgive me for being absent for such a while. I've been quite busy -- not busy enough not to go online, but there have been attempts to update this blog, then I'd be distracted by other things, I end up not getting anything done at all.

Last night, I promised myself (I even wrote it in one of my post its) to update this, and so here am I, with lots of things to distract me, yet I pulled myself out of it just so I can do my duty in this private corner of mine.


I just realized that it has been a month since I even done any updating. (just awful Annie, awful)

What's keeping me busy? Well currently, a lot of group exhibits:

     ♦ Preparing for a group exhibit I am partaking in --- (tentatively postponed to Nov 27 at QC City Hall -- if you are in the area, please come, anyone is invited)

     ♦ Another Group Exhibit by Dec 1 at Chocolate Kiss.

     ♦ Another Group Exhibit at Megamall (though I am hoping I could make it in time for this one)

I will be updating with more details on these.


This past October has just been about pencils and sketches. While I was conceptualizing for my piece on the City Hall Exhibit, I was also loosening up with a few pencil sketches and color pencil sketches.

Here are my sketches [ I used mechanical pencil and a 2B lead on a moleskine sketchpad ]

Just some warm-up sketches while I get the feel of the moleskine paper

Getting rather experimental and brave, I used a whole spread to do this one, and I liked it. So I will probably doing more of this spread sketches.

In the mood for another experiment, this one with a dash of color and is inspired with the character of Poppet (Morgenstern's character from the delightful literary work - Night Circus)

This one is a commission work using colored pencils. I am happy she liked it so much, and also flattered because one friend who has seen this told me that his husband wants an artwork of mine tattooed on him (wow!)

I love working with pencils. I can control them the best, but right now, I am using a lot of experiments with acrylic.

Oh, and a shout out to a friend for giving me two gifts I love so much.

Thank you for these Prim. I love it to bits. ♥

So that's that.

I won't be making this post any longer if I can help it. If you guys have any questions, just fireaway. I am available for commissions this December (you can find my email on the sidebar).

Next post will probably be about the exhibits. Ta-taah!♥


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