Friday, September 13, 2013

Silhouette Challenge

I was sketching roughs for an art piece for next week's paper and also surfing through some blogs, when I chanced upon two artists mentioning silhouettes.

Now I also remember that this morning there was an Art Show for kids on Disney channel, where silhouettes or art with no line structure are being showed and taught.

So i thought, someone's telling me to do one experiment on this, so amidst the conceptualization of the art piece for the next week's paper, I picked up my wacom and did a less than 30 minute experiment.

And this is the result:

Yep, i think i did pretty good. *kinda proud of myself that i took this challenge*

Anyway, whoever you are that is reading this~ Yep. whoever you are, I CHALLENGE you to pick up your tablet (or if you prefer pencil) and do a silhouette art.

For my opinion, the rougher the shades are, the more personality your piece will have. And btw, it also helps that you look at the form of the shades you did, to help you where you are going, but overall, just do the most comfortable method you can do.

It's fun. promise.


I'm tagging this awesome girls to do this challenge as well (on your own pace ladies, no pressure)

♥ Tinsley


Iryna P. said...

comments Test ..Annieeeee))) ...Haaaaaalllllllooo))....

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Anne Rosario said...

@Iryna~ Hellllllloooo tooo~!!!

@Glenda Go go go!!!

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