Sunday, September 29, 2013


Last Saturday, 28th of September, our group -- I, Glenda and Tinsley (called the Sessions Illustrated) held our monthly art jam at the AFTERS MANILA CAFE, a delightful place with good coffee/cakes/gelato and otherelse. Our group holds this monthly artjam to be able to have fun while boosting up our creative juices and trying out various cafes in the metro.

Anyone is welcome to join us! So you, who is reading this entry, as long as you have the love for art and sketching, even if you can only do stick people (as some may say) --- YES YOU ARE VERY MUCH WELCOME TO JOIN US~ ^^

Thank you, to all who joined us - KC (secret agent),  Tin (web designer), Cess (web designer), Butch (Comic Book Artist), Elaine (CCAgent), and Jane (ESL teacher).

Our theme this time was Fairytale Mayhem -- causing havoc with the childhood stories, and portraying them in our sketches. Ofcourse, the whirlwind that was unleashed was quite unforgiving, as some had the task to portray Ursula as a porn star, or put Puss in Boots in a gay bar scene.

Whatever it is that took place in that event, it left us laughing while we squeeze our minds to portray random situations that we drew from the choices we, ourselves, created.

Here are the scans of some the great sketches of those who were with us last saturday. Try and guess what the situations are:

As for how was the cafe, it was such a charming place. I think at one point, they over heard us talking and flailing about Sherlock Series (sherlock fans here), and thats why they lovingly made a froth art in one of our orders:

Sherlock + Inking

Think b4 u Ink

Well, at least that's what I wanted to think~♥

Oh, and their selections of gelato are absolutely amazing. I haven't had those because I think I ordered more than enough, and I can no longer stuff myself with Gelato. Next time though, I promise I will.

Overall, it was such a blast. Next time, please come. We want to spread the spirit of creativity and help the professional artists find the fun in art again, and also inspiring the aspiring ones.


Glenda Maye Abad said...

My wholesome childhood memories!!! Tainted na forever!!! Hahahaha!

Anne Carmela Rosario said...

@Glenda kelangan makabalik ulit tau dyan~♥

Glenda Maye Abad said...

Kurak! :D

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