Friday, September 27, 2013

Mini Art Haul

I know I got a bunch of sketchpads lying around, but its different when you have a sketch journal, that you take anywhere so you can sketch when a sudden inspiration comes. and since my old journal has been filled to the last page, I need to buy a new one.

Beauties and Benedicts (sorry for the reference, I've been absolutely smitten by this Sherlock actor) ---
I bought myself a sketchbook Moleskine!!!

I know, I know. Moleskine is such a luxury for a sketchbook, and I can hear some of you thinking "Yeesh, such lavish waste of money". Well, I'm sorry. But I done it! I bought one. No more turning back.

Anyway, before I tell you how the moleskine was, let me share to you one of my more humble acquired wares:


It's a small 3 part softbound blank journal. And I love these. I would love it more if I had a medium sized one. If only they had one, I might have foregone buying a moleskine and bought one medium sized of these instead. The paper is not as great as moleskine's has, but nevertheless, it's still velvety and it's very affordable.


Here it is. It really takes a toll on your budget to buy one of these. I have bought good sketchpads that sells from P100 up to P400, and to be able to shell out more than P1000 ($30) for a medium sized sketchbook would be considered a luxury amongst middle income. And yet, even though I said before, I would have bought the other one if they had the right size stock, I would assure you, if I havent bought it now, I would still want to buy in the future --- I cannot not try it.

Here's what the inside looks like.

The texture of the sketchbook is comparable to its blank journal version, but only a bit coarser and thicker. Preference of papers always vary amongst artists. Some prefer the coarser ones, some prefer the smoother ones, and this has it in the middle. Its smooth enough that even if your pencil is blunt, it still glides most at the surface area, but coarse enough to give off a bit of texture.

I tried sketching on it, and I must say, I love the texture of this. Its really good for pencil sketches.

There. If you would ask me if I will purchase another Moleskine sketchbook again, I can't answer you. According to my experience, this will last me for more than a year, so I'd rather not think about it. If I probably have the money and the ability, I would. But who knows, if I can discover a much cheaper but equally good sketch journal out there.

Here's a recap of what I bought from the store today:

and let me bid goodbye to my old journal.

Goodbye dear friend. 
I shall visit you still from time to time,
since you hold a lot of my sketches and ideas,
my notes and some gathered knowledge,
but for now, go rest unto the shelves.
Take your joyous vacation, 
away from the barbaric walls of my bag.

See you again soon~♥


Glenda Maye Abad said...

Ang smooth-smooth talaga nang moleskin! <3

Anne Carmela Rosario said...

@glenda honganda nga. ang mahal pero anganda. nakakaenganyo magdrawing. yun ung priceless factor~

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