Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Halloo balloo~


This is my very first post to this blog. I haven't done blogging for such a long time now, usually because I tend to stray off. But I'm giving it a chance again, but this time, it will be more about what i draw, what i sketch, and things that I ponder about it.

Well, maybe I'd have a personal post about my personal life, once or twice, but most posts will probably be related to arts, drawing and some certain perculiars, at least that's what I intend to do.

So for my first post, let me share this close up view of what I did a week ago.

I'm actually happy with how this turned out, because I realized I got faster in execution this time. Maybe for some certain reasons, like my hand pulse was on target, or I'm really inspired that day to paint again digitally, or I just got lucky.

Anyway, I'll cut this post short as I am not inspired to blog about anything. I just got the obligatory first post over and done with. 

I'll go back to tweaking the code again.

Later folks.


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anadel palma said...

Annie I'm so proud of you!!! ♥ never imagined manananggal would be so lovely in pink! :-)

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