Saturday, September 21, 2013

Apolaki at Mayari

Just wanted to share my work that got printed in the I.N.K corner~

Mom was mighty proud her daughter's name is in the newspaper, as if I won the Pulitzer award or something of sorts~ hahaha but ofcourse, this is a big privelege I got from I.N.K~ nothing of that sorts. *getting redundant in here, probably the meds talking strange*.

Anyway, I am happy nevertheless, because I got my work printed and be seen in circulation~

it's an experience ^^


Glenda Maye Abad said...

Ang gandaaaaaaaa!!!!!! :D :D :D

Anne Carmela Rosario said...

@glenda salamat ganda!!!! hahaha infairness akala ko di magwowork kapag napaprint sa paper, pero turned out ok~ hihihihi~

jobologist said...

nakakainggit naman...but well deserved! hindi ako nagtatakang ipapublish yan!

Anne Carmela Rosario said...

@jobo salamat jobo. naswertehan lang. ♥

jodelaluna said...

Congrats Annie! :D

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